Yoga benefits

Regular practice of yoga can give a general feeling of good physical health and psychological well-being. It can help us to face the challenges of ill health and can assist with the management of many kinds of physical and psychological problem, including arthritis, back pain, depression, loss of balance and many others.

Iyengar yoga’s focus on postural alignment, accuracy and attention to detail in the poses can help with the various types of postural/structural problems that we may have. It can also assist in the release of emotional tensions, improve concentration and relieve the mind and body of stress. This, in turn, can lead us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and help us to cope more easily with the challenges of everyday life.

Many studies have shown the positive influence of yoga on health, but the most telling comments come from yoga students themselves. They know from their experience in class and in their own personal practice, that the poses practised in Iyengar yoga allow them to access all of their muscle groups, increase the flexibility of their joints, develop general stability, steadiness and stamina, and improve breath control and respiration. For many, this leads to greater balance and confidence in many areas of life.