Tips for using this site

How to book a block of classes online

You can now book online for the next block of classes.

  • To book, go to list-of-classes and find the class you want to book
  • You can only pay online in the first 3 weeks of the block – if you’re attending 7 or fewer classes in the block, it will be cheaper for you to pay weekly than to pay for a block
  • You can still pay for a block, or weekly, direct to the teacher
  • Remember, to attend regularly you should be a member of MDIY
  • We’ve added a downloadable pdf timetable to the classes page, for quick reference
Find your class, and click on it to go to the booking page

Payment options

We use PayPal to process our online transactions, however you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay.

You can pay using any credit or debit card.

  • When you are redirected to the PayPal page, choose the option “Checkout as a Guest”
  • PayPal will then ask for your card details, to process the payment on our behalf

We chose to use PayPal as the most straightforward way for our members to pay securely.

If you prefer not to pay online that’s fine – you can still book offline and pay with cheque or cash.

Choose “Check Out as a Guest” to pay with any credit or debit card.

How to find out about upcoming events

Events Calendar

  • Displays one month at a time
  • To scroll through, there are green arrows to the left (Back) and right (Forward) – use these to navigate to the month you’re looking for, or just to browse

Events List

Email Newsletters

  • We’ll also send a monthly newsletter with all upcoming events listed, so you can plan ahead, as well as a notification email when booking for an event opens

If you want to ask any questions about upcoming events, you can email

Booking online:

To book an event, you need to be logged in. If you can only see “non-member” tickets then the website hasn’t recognised you as a member – please try logging in again to see member ticket prices. If the website won’t let you log in, please email with details of what happens when you try

MDIY Events Calendar – under CLASSES/EVENTS – takes you to the event planner
Use the arrows (right and left) to navigate from one month to the next
Or under Upcoming Events, you can find all events as a list

How to check what events and classes you have booked online

If you’re not already using the Members’ Dashboard, you may find this useful.

  • Go to (you will need to be logged in to do this)
  • Choose the icon labelled “Events and classes I am attending”
  • You’ll see a list of future events you’re booked on for, as well as events you’ve attended (Teachers especially may find this useful when it comes to completing your IY(UK) renewal!)
While you’re logged in you’ll see the MEMBERS link – click here to go to your dashboard

How to update your details (e.g. address) online

If you move home, change email, or pass an assessment, you can update your details quickly online.

On your dashboard, choose Edit Account to update your details on our database

Teachers – How to check who has booked online for your classes

You can view and download a list of students who have booked online for your classes.

Choose Manage Bookings to see who has paid online for your classes
Click the CSV icon to export the list, so you can save or print it
Choose Export Bookings to complete your list


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