The Executive Committee

Every member of MDIY (students, trainee teachers and teachers) has the democratic chance to join the MDIY Executive Committee, vote at the Annual General Meeting, and, of course, put forward suggestions at any time.

All current Committee members, Advisors and IY (UK) Representatives are listed below in alphabetical order.

Name: Tracey Ashton

I have been a primary school teacher for 20 years. I always loved sport and fitness. I was a long distance runner who ran for a local running club and competed in several marathons, half-marathons and cross-country races. I came across yoga when injured and a physiotherapist recommended that I try to incorporate more stretching into my training. After one session I was hooked and have been attending classes, workshops and events ever since. Last year I enrolled on the teacher training course and I am relishing learning more about the Iyengar method of yoga.

Name: Sacha Cash

Sacha came to yoga as a young and wild teenager- dipping in and out of the practise over the years until she started working full time in a Toni&Guy salon. After noticing periodic back pain and fatigue and never being able to 'switch off' she committed to a weekly class. She soon noticed a dramatic difference in physical and mental well-being, so committed to a more regular practise. After various life events through her 20's, Sacha realised this science had inherently changed her, making her calmer and more grounded to cope with daily life. She was so thankful to the spirit and practise of yoga that she wanted to give something back- so she embarked on her introductory teacher training in 2011.

During her training Sacha realised her success as a hairdresser has been down to her instinctive keen eye for detail and natural benevolence, which she felt was akin to the Iyengar system. Although finally giving up full- time paid salon hours Sacha never doubted her transition into teaching yoga. Her playful sense of humour and keen eye for detail makes her a demanding yet charismatic teacher of students of all ages.

Name: Kathryn Duffy

Kathryn joined the MDIY Executive Committee as a Student Representative and became Treasurer in 2005 as a result of her knowledge of accounting. Kathryn began her practice of Yoga in 1996 after a friend recommended the practice might help with a recurring back problem. Tricia Booth was her first teacher who introduced her to the world of Iyengar Yoga and MDIY. After attending yoga holidays, conventions, workshops and classes run by the enthusiastic teachers at MDIY, Kathryn quickly became a devotee.

Name: Charlotte Everitt

(Introductory level 2 – 2008) has been practising Iyengar yoga since 2000 and qualified as an Introductory level 2 teacher in 2008. She has visited RIMYI in Pune three times to attend classes there. She regularly attends Debbie Bartholomew’s classes at the centre and was elected on to the MDIY Executive Committee at the 2012 AGM, and has been Chair since 2017, having been a member of the MDIY since 2007.

Name: Susan Halliwell

Susan has been a Committee member since 1995. She is a Student Representative and with Debbie Bartholomew (and others) helps to compile the MDIY Journal.

Susan began practising yoga with a local Iyengar Yoga teacher in her home town of Rossendale. She then continued classes at MDIY to further her knowledge of the subject. Jeanne Maslen was Susan’s first teacher at MDIY and she now attends David Reddicen’s classes. She has attended many national Iyengar Yoga conventions including Euroyoga with Mr. Iyengar.

Name: Debra Heaton

Name: Verena Huber

Name: Clare Tunstall

Name: Deborah Wilkinson

Debbie attended a yoga class at the YMCA in Manchester in the ’90s and fortunately for her, David Reddicen took the class that night and she absolutely loved it! Her enthusiasm must have shone through as David told her about MDIY. Debbie began regularly attending the centre for classes and was then recommended for the Teacher training course by Marjorie Saville. Qualifying in 2002 and continuing with her Yoga studies, Debbie now holds a IJ3 certificate and has been attending senior workshops at MDIY, with Julie Brown and Debra Bartholomew. Debbie lives and teaches yoga in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

Name: Jayne Wilson

Jayne's love for yoga began almost 20 years ago when a work colleague suggested she went to a Hatha yoga class to help her relax and de-stress. It took another 10 years before she found an Iyengar teacher and realised this was her calling. She is a full time 11-18 school teacher and currently teaches 2 evening yoga classes in the Chorley area.

Name: Nicky Wright

Nicky is an enthusiastic, long time practitioner of Iyengar yoga, qualifying to teach in 2005. She has continued her studies with her teacher Alan Brown and other senior teachers and currently holds a Level 3 Certification.

As an Interior architecture & design graduate she has a passion for teaching in a visual and creative way, her firm foundation of practice, clarity of instruction, humour and grounded nature makes her a popular teacher at MDIY in Manchester and in and around Lancashire where she is based.

Nicky has been fortunate enough to visit the RIMYI Institute in Pune, India three times, most recently in January 2018.

She regularly travels to workshops and events in the UK and Europe to further develop her practice and teaching.

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