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Next weekend!  Online classes for adults, teenagers and children

Visit our events page to find out more, and to book!

We are so pleased that we’ve been able to re-open – albeit with fewer, smaller classes, it’s still been great to see some of you!
We’re also building up our online classes and looking at what we need to do to increase the number of these, for those of you not ready to come back in person.

We are watching the lockdown situation closely and will continue to book classes on a weekly basis for the next few weeks, to allow us to respond to any changes if we need to.  Watch out for emails, or keep and eye on our classes page.
You can see what to expect in our video on YouTube.

Opportunities for Member Volunteers

We know lockdown has given many of you time to think about a change of direction in your lives or how you would like to utilise some free time for the things you enjoy.  We are still looking for member volunteers to help us with some projects and roles:Secretary to the Executive Committee; as Janice retires from this role, we need a new face to join and support us
Join a team of Editors to produce our annual journal.  You will have all the support you need from the existing Editors
If you are interested in any of the above volunteering opportunities please do not hesitate to ask any questions by emailing or calling Clare 07747200411

Thank you to those of you who have let us know what you’d like us to do with the fees you’ve paid for cancelled classes.  If you asked for a refund, you should have had an email either confirming that we’ve done this, or asking you for a bit more information.
Special thanks to those of you who have donated these to MDIY!
If you haven’t yet asked for a refund but would like to do so, please do complete the form – remember to leave your email address!