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Timetable Changes
Sorry for our recent website maintenance, it took us longer than expected to get all our new classes online – but we’re now open for bookings!

We’ve added some new classes based on requests from members; unfortunately this has meant we’ve needed to take some lower-attended classes off the timetable.  We welcome your input about our class timetable so please let us know if you want to feed back.

New classes:

  • We’ve replaced two classes – one face-to-face and one online – with a single, blended class, Monday 7.15pm.  This is a trial for this block, so we can test how it works!
  • We’ve moved one of the Monday night online classes to Wednesday 6pm.
  • We’ve changed the Tuesday Beginners class to online, for those who can’t get to the centre, at the slightly later time of 6pm.
  • The 10.30am Wednesday class is now a Women’s class, with the Men’s class on Thursday at 7.45pm
  • We’ve added an online Pranayama class on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month, 6pm
If your class has changed, please speak to your teacher about alternatives or contact to find out what other classes are available for you.
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