Our teachers

All our teachers are fully-qualified, experienced Iyengar yoga practitioners who hold the Iyengar yoga Certification Mark. The Certification Mark indicates that the teacher has been trained to rigorously high standards and satisfies all on-going professional development requirements.

All current MDIIY teachers are listed below in alphabetical order.

Name: Joan Abrams

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 3

Joan has been teaching yoga since 1977 and regularly attends teachers’ classes at the centre. She retired from her ‘day job’ as an English teacher and now takes a keen interest in teaching recuperative yoga as well as general classes and (a Zoom lockdown innovation!) Chair Yoga.

Name: Faye Anderson

Certification Level:

Name: John Aplin

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 3

(Junior Intermediate level 3 – 2004) started yoga with Carole Lawrence and continued his training with Jeanne Maslen. He teaches classes at Manchester Royal Infirmary and Manchester University as well as at MDIY. Yoga under Jeanne’s guidance provided an effective and illuminating pathway to recovery from a serious back injury in 1996, and John became interested in the therapeutic and restorative effects of Yoga. (Read more about John’s recovery here). Working with, and learning from, students with various problems led to a realisation that though our ultimate goals may be in common, the path is always individual. John combines yoga teaching with a busy career in medical research.

Name: Tracey Ashton

Certification Level: Introductory

I have been a primary school teacher for 20 years. I always loved sport and fitness. I was a long distance runner who ran for a local running club and competed in several marathons, half-marathons and cross-country races. I came across yoga when injured and a physiotherapist recommended that I try to incorporate more stretching into my training. After one session I was hooked and have been attending classes, workshops and events ever since. Last year I enrolled on the teacher training course and I am relishing learning more about the Iyengar method of yoga.

Name: Debra Bartholomew

Certification Level: Intermediate Senior 3

(Senior Intermediate level 3 – 2007) has been practising yoga for over 20 years and now teaches Iyengar Yoga full time after working for 24 years in the building trade as a Builders’ Merchant. She teaches at MDIY, for local education authorities and for the NHS. She teaches all levels but particularly enjoys teaching beginners as they have so much enthusiasm. Debbie is an IY (UK) Assessor and is currently training to be a teacher trainer. She has been to India and taught by Geeta Iyengar four times and has been lucky enough to be taught by BKS Iyengar twice, at Crystal Palace in 1993 and in Paris in 1997. Debbie is also a member of the MDIY Executive Committee.

Name: Tricia Booth

Certification Level: Intermediate Senior 3

(Senior Intermediate level 3 – 1982) was a physiotherapist when she began practising Iyengar Yoga. She has been teaching for over 40 years. Tricia has made many visits to Pune to study with Guruji and has also taken numerous classes with him on his visits to the UK. For many years Tricia ran the Introductory Level teacher training courses with Jeanne Maslen and now does so with Julie Brown and Marion Kilburn. Tricia was Chairman of the MDIY Executive Committee from 1983 to 2010. She has served as Chairman of the Assessment and Teacher Training Committee of IY (UK) and is an IY (UK) Moderator for teacher assessments.

At Guruji’s request, Tricia is one of the named teachers who has long-standing teaching experience and is listed as one of The Most Senior Leading Teachers of the UK.

Name: Julie Brown

Certification Level: Advanced Junior L1 certificate

(Advanced Junior L1 - 2015) qualified in 1981. She is challenged and thoroughly enjoys being part of the team training teachers and also running the Monday teachers’ class at MDIY. She has had the privilege of attending classes at RIMYI. Julie is an IY (UK) Moderator for teacher assessments and will be familiar to many yoga practitioners from her popular DVD ‘Practice and Enjoy’.

Name: Sacha Cash

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 2

Sacha came to yoga as a young and wild teenager- dipping in and out of the practise over the years until she started working full time in a Toni&Guy salon. After noticing periodic back pain and fatigue and never being able to 'switch off' she committed to a weekly class. She soon noticed a dramatic difference in physical and mental well-being, so committed to a more regular practise. After various life events through her 20's, Sacha realised this science had inherently changed her, making her calmer and more grounded to cope with daily life. She was so thankful to the spirit and practise of yoga that she wanted to give something back- so she embarked on her introductory teacher training in 2011.

During her training Sacha realised her success as a hairdresser has been down to her instinctive keen eye for detail and natural benevolence, which she felt was akin to the Iyengar system. Although finally giving up full- time paid salon hours Sacha never doubted her transition into teaching yoga. Her playful sense of humour and keen eye for detail makes her a demanding yet charismatic teacher of students of all ages.

Name: Lynne Clough

Certification Level: Introductory

Lynne has been practising Iyengar yoga for 13 years, discovering it by chance whilst searching for a form of exercise that offered strength and flexibility but was less boring than the gym. Working as a nurse within the busy NHS had taken its toll and Lynne suffered with lower back pain, sciatica and increasing levels of stress. Within a relatively short period of time of regular yoga practice, Lynne was not only hooked on the physical benefits, but more importantly was amazed by her positive mental health and sense of wellbeing.

Lynne firmly believes anyone discovering a positive influence in life, especially one that brings rewards far greater than the efforts to achieve it, would want to share it. A developing instinct in wishing to share the benefits yoga can bring with others was the driving force in Lynne's decision to leave her 30 year nursing career and become an Iyengar yoga teacher.

Lynne qualified as an Introductory teacher in 2015 and remains thankful for the enrichment yoga has brought and continues to bring to her life.

Name: Charlotte Everitt

Certification Level: Introductory

(Introductory level 2 – 2008) has been practising Iyengar yoga since 2000 and qualified as an Introductory level 2 teacher in 2008. She has visited RIMYI in Pune three times to attend classes there. She regularly attends Debbie Bartholomew’s classes at the centre and was elected on to the MDIY Executive Committee at the 2012 AGM, and has been Chair since 2017, having been a member of the MDIY since 2007.

Name: Sarah Franklin

Certification Level: Introductory

Name: Julie Howarth

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 2

(Junior Intermediate level 2 – 2015) has always been interested in keeping fit and for over 10 years enjoyed attending various gyms and exercise classes. Her interest in yoga came after reading about the benefits of good posture, stamina and better breathing. Julie thought it would improve her hobbies of ice-skating and horse-riding and, as she worked in an office, with too many hours sitting at a desk, she decided to give it a go. Julie joined the MDIIY in 1995 and has been attending classes ever since. Her Mum, encouraged by Julie, also joined and many years later, after much cajoling (nagging), her husband and even Dad have joined the yoga journey. Julie began her teacher training in 2005 and qualified November 2007. Being made redundant in 2006 helped her to make the decision to concentrate on yoga teaching.

Name: Jill Johnson

Certification Level: Intermediate Senior 3

Name: Marion Kilburn

Certification Level: Intermediate Senior 3

(Senior Intermediate level 3 – 1996) has been teaching for over 27 years. She is also a teacher trainer at MDIY and an assessor and moderator for IY (UK). As well as teaching at MDIY, Marion runs classes mainly in the locality of South Manchester, Didsbury and Chorlton. She has visited Pune, India many times to study with BKS Iyengar, Prashant and Geeta.

Name: Vanita Mistry

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 1

(Introductory level 2 – 2010) was introduced to Iyengar yoga at the dizzy height of the 27th floor of Piccadilly Plaza in Manchester in the mid 1980s. She says, ‘I will always be indebted to Carole Lawrence (an MDIY yoga teacher) who taught the lunchtime classes there, for inspiring and encouraging me to join MDIY and train to be a teacher.’ Yoga has improved her energy levels and made her a more respective person. Vanita is grateful for the opportunity of passing on her trained yoga practice and knowledge.

Name: Rita Mori

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 1

(Junior Intermediate level 1 – 2015) The first time Rita did yoga, she knew she had found her art. Rita was “totally hooked”. After practising for seven years she decided to train as a yoga teacher and gained her qualification as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher in 2010. Rita really enjoys teaching yoga and feels very passionate about the subject. She is therefore keen to pass this on to others and show them the benefits as they have benefitted her and still do. Yoga has an enormous impact on Rita’s life. She has completely changed as a result of the practice as it has improved her both mentally and physically. Practising Yoga makes Rita feel “connected, grounded, alive and well.”

Name: Sarah Pettitt

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 2

Sarah started yoga in 2001, she was looking to ‘get back in shape’ after the birth of her daughter, to have a little ‘me’ time in a busy week and to manage stress levels from a pressured job. Instantly 'hooked' she soon realised that focused practice was reaping immeasurable rewards. Sarah didn't realise at the time that 'happening upon' this weekly class would blossom into a new way of life.

Wanting a greater understanding of the Iyengar method and having developed a passion to teach, Sarah trained at MDIY and qualified at the Introductory Level 2 in 2010. Sarah then decided to leave her career of 27 years as a Design separation artist to teach full time. Sarah's training is on-going and in 2015 she qualified as Intermediate Junior Level 1 teacher. Sarah attends weekly teachers classes and regular further training workshops around the U.K. In 2016 & 2018 she spent a month training at B.K.S. Iyengar’s Ramamani Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India and has another visit coming up soon.

Name: Rachel Preston

Certification Level: Introductory

Rachel started practising yoga back in 1999; the year she trained as a secondary English and SEN teacher. She remained committed to a regular yoga practice which supported and nurtured her through the tough initial years teaching in inner-city schools in Manchester and Salford.

Enjoying varied types of yoga, she finally settled on the Iyengar style in 2005. The emphasis on precision and confidence-building strength that she discovered in this form encouraged her to delve much deeper into this practice. Finally, the pain of multiple bereavements and the comfort and fortitude that she gained from her practice compelled her to share yoga’s considerable benefits with others and train as an Iyengar teacher.

Name: David Reddicen

Certification Level: Intermediate Senior 3

(Senior Intermediate level 3 – 2007) has been teaching yoga since 1994 and retired from engineering to teach yoga full time in 1996. He teaches 10 classes each week at various venues around Manchester including MDIY where he also attends weekly classes. David was a member of the MDIY Executive Committee from 1994 to 2010 and is still involved in the ongoing renovation, repair and running of the MDIIY’s grand old Victorian/Edwardian building. A senior level certificate holder, David favours Prashant’s style of teaching with lots of attention to breath and mind aspects.

Name: Julie Royle

Certification Level: Intermediate Senior 3

(Senior Intermediate level 3 – 2007) has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. She has visited Pune on three occasions and completed a course of remedial workshops at MDIY as well as teaching on a yoga for lower back pain trial. By day she works at the Manchester Children’s Hospital and takes a general class suitable for all abilities on a Thursday evening.

Name: Susan Savage

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 2

Susan has been attending yoga classes since 1997 but became totally absorbed in practising within the lineage of Iyengar Yoga at MDIY since 2004. She is qualified to Intermediate Junior Level 2 (2019). Iyengar Yoga has helped to orientate her moral compass through Patanjali's teachings of Yamas and Niyamas and she has benefitted in health and happiness through her regular practice both in class and personal practice. She is also our Membership Secretary

Name: Kim Skinner

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 2

(Junior Intermediate level 2 – 2014) first tried yoga at the age of 15. Her friend wanted to lose weight and asked her to go with her to an adult education class. The few memories Kim retained were “giggling a lot”, “doing the “candle” – shoulder stand – and of taking a blanket to class. (The bus driver once asked her if she was leaving home.) Over the following 20 years or so Kim would occasionally attend classes, but only became a regular attender when she joined Marion Kilburn’s class. Kim trained in Sheffield with Marion and Frances Homewood and qualified in 2007. Kim also feels very privileged to have attended classes in Pune in October 2010.

Name: Sharon Dawn Taylor

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 3

(Junior Intermediate level 3 – 2017) Sharon's first experience of yoga was in the 1970s as a teenager practicing with her father, following the weekly ‘Richard Hittleman’s Yoga for Health TV program’. Her first class was with BKS Iyengar in 1979 at freshers week, Manchester University. A class where she received so many adjustments from BKS as he could clearly see she thought she understood the poses, but clearly didn’t!
She started attending regular Iyengar yoga classes while living in San Francisco in 1993 and qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 2003. She enjoys teaching the pranayama class at MDIY. She combines her interest in training in remedial yoga and teaching in prisons with her work as a Chartered Accountant and as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist. She knows she cannot function without the stillness her asana and pranayama practice brings. Sharon has been fortunate to complete four study visits at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India and been taught by Geeta Iyengar at Crystal Palace in 2002.

Name: Jacky Taylor

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 3

(Junior Intermediate level 3 – 2010) Jacky began her studies of Iyengar Yoga in January 1999. At that time she was working at the University of Manchester in the Faculty of Life Sciences, just around the corner from John Aplin who was Jacky’s first teacher. John encouraged Jacky to attend Jeanne Maslen’s classes at MDIY from February 2002.

In October 2005 Jacky qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher at the Introductory level and gained her Intermediate Junior level 3 teaching certificate in March 2010. Jacky continues to study at MDIY and attends workshops nationally and internationally. She travelled to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India for a month of intensive study in October 2010, February 2013 and September 2016.

Jacky joined the MDIY Executive Committee in November 2009 and was Chairman between November 2010 and November 2016.

Name: Clare Tunstall

Certification Level: Intermediate Junior 3