MDIY Membership and merchandise


When you join a yoga class at MDIY, the teacher will ask you to become a member; the membership fee (for the year running 1 April to 31 March £20). You have a number of ways to join, click here to find out more. The membership fee allows us to keep class fees low and helps us to provide a number of member-related benefits (see below).  As a Mutual Membership Organisation, we provide services for members only.

Membership benefits:

For your membership fee you will receive:

  • automatic membership of the Iyengar Yoga association, IY (UK), and accompanying benefits, including invitations to the annual Iyengar Yoga Convention, notifications of workshops, holidays and events in the UK and abroad, and free copies of the association’s journal, Iyengar Yoga News;
  • access to classes, workshops, events and training at MDIY led by qualified, experienced Iyengar Yoga instructors;
  • discounts on classes and events held at the MDIY;
  • a copy of the MDIY annual magazine;
  •  access to the MDIY library and other useful docs (i.e practice sheets, MDIY AGM minutes, the MDIY Rules and Constitution, etc);
  • regular updates on MDIY events and news.

Yoga Shop

Our shop is an excellent place to buy your essential items of yoga equipment. We stock sticky mats, blocks and bricks, as well as belts and blankets. We also keep a number of yoga publications. We are always well- stocked and our prices are very competitive.

To buy any of the equipment or books listed below:

  • Visit our online shop for click and collect (no delivery)
  • Ask your regular class teacher
  • Or leave a message on 0161 339 0748.


Belts – £6

Blocks – blue EVA £4.50

Bricks – cork £10

Bricks – blue EVA £5.00

Blankets – cotton £20

Mats –  £15

Posture Sheets £0.50

Practice Memo £1.50

Invocation Tape £2

Interview Tape (Mr Iyengar) £2



Light on Yoga £15

Light on Pranayama £12

Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali £15

Light on Life £12

Yoga in Action – Preliminary Course £10

Yoga a Gem for Women £12

Yoga for Children £14

Illustrated Light on Yoga £12

Astadala Yoga Mala (each volume) £12

Alpha and Omega of Trikonasana £12

Tuesdays with Prashant £12

Teachers of Yoga (available for teachers and trainees) £14

Women’s Yoga Book £14.99

Practice and Enjoy (Julie Brown) Video or DVD £13

DVD of Geetaji’s visit to MDIY £10