Therapy Workshop – Students With Breast Cancer

Date: 16/03/2019

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Location: Manchester and District Institute of Iyengar Yoga

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This workshop is being run at the request of the IY(UK) Therapy Committee as part of a pilot run of workshops to allow Therapy teachers to meet up and learn together.  Therapy teachers have expressed an interest in workshops especially concerned with therapy; they have said they would welcome an opportunity to work with likeminded teachers and ask questions about their students.  There is so much to learn and to share with each other, the Therapy Committee of the IY (UK) hope you will enjoy the process. 
The workshop will be run by Tricia Booth and Debbie Bartholomew, and focus on breast cancer care – both the approach to teaching those with breast cancer, and how to teach students with other cancers in the initial stage.  The aim is not to medicalise therapy teaching, but to be well informed about the condition and learn the art of placing and using props, adjustment and observation of the student.
The basics are the same for everyone undergoing treatment – how to use props to get the best support for the “patient” .  It doesn’t target a particular cancer – it also gives solutions to those experiencing side effects from Chemo and radiotherapy. 

The cost to attend is £40, but no-one should not attend due to price; if the cost is an issue for you, please contact Clare ( who will be able to discuss a concessionary rate.

This session is open to the following groups only.  If you do not fall into one of these groups but feel you have a valid reason to attend, please contact Clare (
  • Therapy teachers
  • Those who help in Therapy classes
  • Intermediate Junior 3 teachers who have attended General classes in Pune
  • Intermediate Senior teachers
  • Iyengar yoga teachers teaching at breast care centres (any certificate level)
  • Breast care nurses

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