MDIY Peer Group Sessions for Teacher Training

Teachers Name: Jill Johnson & Julie Brown

Date/Time: 06/12/2020 - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm





Location: 134 King Street, Dukinfield, SK16 4LG, United Kingdom

Please read the information below before booking this class – by booking this class, you agree to these conditions.



What Do I Need To Do Before Class?

  • PLEASE DO NOT COME TO CLASS IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OR FEEL UNWELL. We have decided against any more intrusive measures, such as a health check before class or taking students’ temperature, but this relies on our students and teachers to be honest if they are feeling unwell
  • The teacher will email you before the class, to remind you of the rules we are asking you to follow during this period
  • Face masks are optional, for students and teachers
  • Classes will be limited to the number of students who can safely be in the hall at the same time. You will be required to book, and pay, online in advance, so that we can manage this.  Please do not turn up to a class without having booked in advance
  • There are hand sanitisers stationed at various points for you to use, as well as the washbasins to wash your hands

What Do I Need To Do On Arrival?

  • The teacher will ask for a volunteer to stand at the door and space out arriving students, to avoid queuing in the corridors
  • Please arrive as ready for class as possible; remove shoes/outer clothing in the changing room/corridor, and go into the hall as quickly as possible, so the next student can come in
  • Please bring your own equipment, if you can – 1 mat, 4 blocks, 2 bricks, 1 belt
  • If you do not have equipment, we can temporarily lend you a bundle of essential equipment, in return for a (refundable) deposit. You will have to take this home with you and bring it with you to class – not leave it at the centre
  • You will not be able to use the centre’s equipment, for the time being
  • Maslen Hall has a one-way system in operation – into the hall through the equipment room, exit via the front (this is signposted)
  • You will see that we have marked out spaces in the hall for you to place your mats. Please fill up the hall from the furthest point away from the door – this will mean students arriving after you, do not have to walk past you to find a spot
  • We have created some spaces at the wall, for students who need this support – if you need this, please take one of these places
  • Please keep your yoga bag/personal belongings within your “space” next to your mat

What Will Happen During Class?

  • To ensure ventilation, the door to the hall will be left open and when possible (given weather conditions!) windows will be open. If you want windows to be closed/opened, please ask the teacher rather than do this yourself
  • There are walkways marked to allow you to move around the room e.g. to go to the toilet
  • If you use the toilet, please use the wipes provided to clean anything you have touched
  • Teachers have been asked to teach from the stage, and to walk around the room as little as possible. They will ask the class beforehand if anyone objects to the teacher walking around
  • There will be no physical adjustments, or physical contact of any kind

What Will Happen After Class?

  • Unfortunately we are asking our members not to use the kitchen facilities (e.g. for drinks) or to stay in the centre to socialise or catch-up, for the time being; you should leave straight after class
  • We will retain a record of your booking for at least 21 days, and we will use this if appropriate to contact you or to pass your details to official bodies such as the NHS Test and Trace service or similar organisations


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