Date: 22/10/2019

Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Teachers Name: John Aplin

Contact Number: 07925 593587

Location: Manchester and District Institute of Iyengar Yoga

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Suitable for students with back problems.

This is an 8-week block.

Members £50
Non-members £60

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Yoga, back pain and these classes

As many as 80% of people suffer back and/or neck pain at some time in their life.   Backs are remarkably strong and stable, and most back pain does not have a cause that is serious or irremediable, even if you have objective evidence of damage. Often back trouble is associated with other problems – postural tendencies, injuries etc.  Yoga is not a quick fix, but providing you work correctly, the more you do, the more will be the benefit.  

This series of classes aims to give you a set of tools to apply on a continuing basis in every day life, depending on the changing needs of your back.  Yoga will help you to relax, achieve comfort and relief, develop awareness, build up confidence and strength, understand your own back and gain an ability to move more freely without suffering adverse consequences. 

We will use a gentle programme of Iyengar yoga, keeping in mind the various problems that students in the class have.  Postures may be modified on an individual basis.  It is quite different from normal yoga classes so preconceptions should be left behind.  The aims are to improve posture, develop the muscles that support the back and show how to avoid back problems commonly caused by daily activities.  The classes start with measures for dealing with episodes of pain, then progress to simple supported postures.  Slowly but steadily you will develop awareness, self-observation, improved symmetry, learn how to work with the breath, and how to use yoga in your daily life for general health, developing and maintaining poise, improving sleep patterns and staying free of pain. 

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