Class levels


This 10 week course is suitable for you if you have no previous experience of yoga. The course is designed to provide an introduction to the basic postures and principles of Iyengar yoga.


Please contact the teacher to confirm there is a place available.
These classes are suitable for those who have completed the foundation course, beginner students and those with less than 2 years’ experience. A greater range of basic postures will be introduced, including inverted poses such as shoulder stand and headstand, when you are ready. These classes will build strength and flexibility to prepare you for the next level.


Please contact the teacher to confirm there is a place available.
These classes introduce a wider range of postures and are suitable for students with more than 2 years’ experience. Time spent in the postures will be increased to further develop stamina and strength.


please contact the teacher to confirm there is a place available.
Along side the basic postures, a more demanding and complex range of postures will be taught. Intermediate class is suitable for those with at least three years consistent attendance of Iyengar yoga classes, who practise at home and are able to do a steady head balance for at least 5 minutes.

Gentle class suitable for those with back problems:

These classes run in 8 week blocks. They are with a teacher who has extensive experience in using yoga to relieve back pain and other problems, normally assisted by a second teacher. We limit numbers so students enjoy a greater level of individual attention than in regular classes.  We accept students with or without previous experience of yoga.

Not currently running but please leave your name on the waiting list with

Slower Paced classes/Chair yoga:

These classes are suitable for you if you are unable to participate in general classes due to physical problems such as fatigue. They are sensitively taught by teachers with many years’ experience and use a wide range of helpful props.

Teacher Training now called mentoring:

See our drop down menu for more details on our Introductory teacher training courses and workshops for teachers working on the Intermediate syllabuses.

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