Absolute beginners:

If you are totally new to yoga and want to find out what it’s all about, the 8-week foundation courses are specially-designed for absolute beginners.


You will probably have been on one or two of the foundation courses, and be ready to take your yoga practice further. Poses will generally be taken from the ‘Introductory’ Level syllabus of Iyengar yoga poses. Inverted poses, including shoulder-stand and headstand will be introduced when the teacher is sure that you are ready.

General/all levels:

You will have been studying Iyengar yoga for about 2 years, and your previous teacher will have advised that you are ready to move on. You will be taught to stay in shoulder stand and headstand for some minutes within your capability. Poses will be taught from the ‘Introductory’ and the ‘Intermediate’ Level syllabuses of Iyengar Yoga poses.


You will have been studying Iyengar yoga for some years and be ready to take on more complex and demanding poses. Poses will be taken from the ‘Introductory’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Senior’ level syllabuses, and these classes will almost invariably be taught by a Senior Intermediate qualified teacher.

Gentle and Slower – paced classes:

These classes are, designed to enable anyone with various kinds of physical problems to do the poses within their own capacity, using a wide range of helpful props. Current classes are focusing on those with back problems, those with fatigue problems and those with a variety of medical conditions Teachers currently delivering these classes all have the Junior Intermediate teaching certificate and many years’ experience in teaching these kinds of classes.

Teachers’ Class/Senior Intermediate Teachers’ Class:

These are the MDIIY’s regular weekly classes for qualified teachers from all over the North West and further afield They are one part of our commitment and contribution to the continuing professional development of Iyengar yoga teachers and are designed to improve teachers’ personal practice and teaching expertise for the ultimate benefit of all students of Iyengar yoga.

Teacher Training:

See our drop down menu for more details on our teacher training courses and workshops.