A warm welcome to Manchester and District Iyengar Yoga.

MDIY is a members’ organisation, established in 1972, to promote the practice and understanding of Iyengar yoga. At our large, fully-equipped and beautifully refurbished building in Dukinfield we offer a wide range of daytime and evening classes and regular weekend workshops to suit all levels of ability and interest, from absolute beginners to those who have practised for many years. We also offer a teacher training programme for anyone wishing to become a qualified teacher of Iyengar yoga. All of our classes are taught by certified teachers of Iyengar yoga and all equipment is provided.

Beginners Yoga

If you are completely new to yoga and want to find out more about what we have to offer you, how to join a class and what you can gain from practising Iyengar yoga, then go straight to ‘Yoga classes / new students’. You can find other helpful information in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

General Yoga

If you are thinking of moving on from a foundation or a beginners’ class where you will have learned the basics, your teacher can advise you on which class to choose. You can also get more information by going straight to ‘Yoga classes / class levels’.

Intermediate Yoga

Are you a more experienced practitioner, keen to develop your understanding and improve your practice still further, or are you, perhaps,considering becoming a teacher? Further information can be found at ‘Yoga classes / class levels’ and Teacher Training.

Specialist Yoga Classes

If for any reason you think you may need a different approach from that of our general classes, then take a look at our ‘Gentle’ classes or classes that can help you deal with specific problems such as fatigue, or back pain. Follow the link to ‘Yoga classes/class levels’.

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